Travel insurance for Dubai and the UAE

Before setting off on a trip to Dubai, it is important to take out a health insurance policy that covers any medical problems but also extras such as baggage protection.
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Before setting off on a trip to Dubai or other locations in the country, the advice is to take out international travel insurance that can cover any health or medical expenses you may incur. Some health insurances also allow one to purchase cover for the possible loss or theft of luggage or other electronic devices as part of the insurance plan. This is, however, an entirely personal choice that each traveller is free to decide according to his or her own needs.

Health insurance, on the other hand, although not compulsory to enter Dubai and the United Arab Emirates, is highly recommended because in case of need the expenses to be incurred can be really high, given that the health system is private. This means that if you do not have insurance, you will be asked to pay out of pocket for any visits, hospital stays or medical expenses incurred.

Which travel insurance to choose when going to Dubai

There are several travel insurance companies in the market today with different offers and packages. What we would recommend is to choose insurance with 24/7 assistance so that you always have support in case of need. Other details to consider are the deductible, which when present means that below a certain agreed amount, the policyholder is always responsible for paying it.

Also to be considered are features such as the insurance ceiling and conditions. Moreover, there are insurance companies that pay medical or hospital expenses directly, while others require the traveller to pay the costs and then make the reimbursement once proof is presented.

Another important factor in choosing one’s insurance is the duration of the insurance cover. There are, in fact, travel insurances that cover a single trip while others are annual and cover several trips. So when should you choose one or the other?

Over the years, the world of insurance has expanded greatly, and over time, insurance for families has also sprung up, which allows you to save money when travelling with your children, or insurance for sports holidays.

The advantages of travel insurance in Dubai

Before travelling, it is advisable to compare the insurance plans of several companies and choose the one that offers the most suitable cover, not only in terms of money but also in terms of services included.

Usually, in fact, travel insurance does not only cover any costs related to medical expenses but also those of travel-related risks. By adding sometimes even small sums, one can therefore be covered in several aspects; here are the main guarantees that a travel insurance policy might have.

Medical/health expenses

In Europe, as a general rule, citizens with a health card are entitled to basic medical care in case of need. This does not apply in other destinations outside Europe or for certain conditions such as roadside assistance. In addition, examinations or consultations that are not covered by basic medical coverage may be necessary during a trip, or an emergency medical repatriation, i.e. an early return home, may be required.

It is therefore always better to sign an insurance policy that covers all medical expenses, including costs for specialist visits, hospitalisation, early return home or to cover expenses incurred by a family member who can reach you to assist you. In some foreign countries, it may also be useful to have a policy that includes a telephone translation or interpretation service that can facilitate communication with professionals on site.

Immediate assistance

An important feature to consider when choosing health insurance cover undoubtedly concerns assistance. The best companies offer assistance to customers every day of the year (including public holidays) 24 hours a day, so it is always possible to speak with an operator via telephone or the Internet to explain the situation and follow the instructions given. Through the helpline it is often also possible to speak to a doctor or receive a referral to a local medical specialist to whom you can turn.

Flight reimbursement

Unfortunately, it can sometimes happen that a trip has to be cancelled for health or personal reasons, and in the absence of insurance that also covers cancellation, money for airline tickets and other expenses is lost.

Often insurance companies also include a ‘cancellation’ clause in their packages, i.e. the possibility of receiving reimbursement of expenses already incurred for the trip (full or partial reimbursement depending on the conditions) if the trip is cancelled for proven reasons.

It could also happen that it is the airline that cancels the flight or, worse, goes bankrupt, and thus can no longer guarantee any connection. Some insurance policies may cover in the event of cancellation of the trip by the traveller or the airline.

Baggage protection

It can sometimes happen that you arrive at your destination airport but do not find the suitcase that you had checked in on departure. Unfortunately, lost or misplaced luggage is a real nuisance when travelling. Several travel insurance policies cover you in the event of missing luggage by reimbursing you for the cost of basic necessities. Some policies also reimburse the entire cost of buying a new luggage in case the old one is seriously damaged or stolen.

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